Rooftopping and Capturing Fog in Dubai

In September 2016, a very unique opportunity came up – a rooftopping workshop with Daniel Cheong and Dany Eid in Dubai. I did not hesitate for long before signing up and got the first chance to take photographs from the rooftop of the Cayan Tower in Marina, over 70 levels above the ground. The rooftopping session was followed by a practical digital blending workshop led by Daniel Cheong, which complemented my prior knowledge. I highly recommended the workshops of Daniel and Dany. This experience convinced me that I would try to access Dubai rooftops again. I only needed to wait for the right time, hoping to mix the rooftopping opportunity with the occurrence of low dense fog covering buildings in the city.

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My Dubai Photography Experience

My Photography Background

I have been passionate about photography, in particular in its landscape and cityscape forms, since the beginning of 2010 when I bought my first full frame camera (Canon 5D). Having lived in Scotland definitely made my passion more reachable with Scottish Highlands located within a four-hour drive from the town where I lived. I took occasional breaks from the landscape photography to visit other places such as Barcelona, Croatia, London and Paris. I really enjoyed city breaks and cityscape photography, mostly inspired by the remarkable work of Martin Stavars.

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