Dubai’s Best Rooftop Artists

This article is dedicated to the introduction of the best Dubai photographers who specialise in rooftopping, but not only. Many of these artists are masters of digital blending and their work is truly inspiring.

Beno Saradzic
Beno’s portfolio is spectacular and he is a master of post processing and expert in time-lapse photography. His work represents the technical capability of the highest standard.

COTTON CANDY by Beno Saradzic on

Daniel Cheong
The most famous photographer of Dubai cityscapes who has also published his own photo album. Daniel provides fantastic rooftop photography workshops in Dubai. HDR and digital blending specialist.

Vertigo Fog 1 by Daniel Cheong on

Dany Eid
Excellent Dubai-based photographer who offers workshops together with Daniel Cheong. Very active and passionate artist.

illuminated by Dany Eid on

Elia Locardi
Elia is not Dubai-based, but occasionally delivers workshops in Dubai and has created some of the most stunning captures. He is a world famous travel photographer, specialising in digital blending.

Tempest by Elia Locardi on

Rustam Azmi
Very talented Dubai-based photographer with a stunning portfolio of Dubai cityscapes.

The Misty Morning by Rustam Azmi on

Sebastian Opitz
Remarkable cityscapes and fog shots. One of my very favourite artists, whose work quality is comparable to Daniel Cheong’s.

Sailing in the Clouds by Sebastian Opitz on

Sebastian Tontsch
Sebastian is a master of digital post-processing and has an extensive portfolio of incredible rooftop captures from around Dubai.

The Other Side by Sebastian Tontsch on

Zohaib Anjum
Very creative individual whose images match the highest standards set by top Dubai-based photographers.

Skyline Storm 2017 by Zohaib Anjum on

Other inspirational artists focused on Dubai

Waheed Akhtar
I would praise Waheed for his unique approach based on labour-intensive black and white photography techniques and great understanding of composition and contrasts.

Dark Light - III by Waheed Akhtar on

Alisdair Miller
Master of photo compositing and manipulation.

Ray of Light by Alisdair Miller on

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