Dubai’s Best Instagram Feeds

Browsing through Instagram accounts led me to the discovery of some remarkable artists, which opened my eyes to the potential of the city I was looking for when I first moved in (e.g. heraldherrera, jeromerafael, madrascala). I have come across a number of less known but spectacular locations within the city, many of which have been only recently built and opened to public, e.g. City Walk, Green Planet or Creek Harbour. Inspired by these creative individuals, I started watching the surroundings more carefully and paying more attention to the composition rules to enhance the quality of my work done at the ground level, which has a much richer offer than I thought earlier. I only needed to follow completely different paths than fancy bars and restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls etc. Without a doubt, the city gains a lot in attractiveness once you look at it through the camera lens.

I would like to share these inspirational accounts to help you discover the true character of this amazing city.

Dubai’s Best Instagrammers

Creative captures of Dubai landmarks as well as its less known spots. The primary source of inspiration for anybody wanting to photograph Dubai.

@Dubai ??

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High-end fashion photography in Dubai locations.

we’re not here to take part, we’re here to take over.

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Herald is a true explorer of the city who focuses on architecture and street photography. His photographs are characterised by excellent composition, lighting and colour tones.

#⃣ W E A V E Fish cage making at Al Warsan, Dubai.

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Aesthetically pleasing gallery that is all about composition rather than fancy locations.

• boats •

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I would compare his style to the work of Herald Herrera. Also a fantastic source of inspiration for photo locations, lighting and composition.

F U T U R E | #shotoniphone #lookatthosecolours #dubaiframe

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This is one of the craziest and well executed Instagram concepts I have ever come across. Pradeep posts his well-thought photographs in a form of very short videos, which creates a very exceptional mood.

When you are looking at the face of a gigantic precipice of change, following your heart is the only thing You are left to do. #iwritemyownshit You are listening to Yuna – Lullabies (Moon Boots Remix). That’s the lovely @yulianna4ka from an earlier time. Tune in for more music, moodiness and a wee bit of madness only on my Visual Jukebox© Till then, give this track a listen. In the meanwhile, #letmedream ? #writersofinstagram #igerplanet #madrascala . . . #artofvisuals #welivetoexplore #streetdreamsmag #beautifuldestinations #earthofficial #monochrome #livefolk #discoverglobe #heatercentral #dubailoving #gramslayers #nse_sight #123wander #ourplanetdaily #streetshared #moodygrams #bnw #nikonmea #passionpassport #theimaged #createcommune #visitdubai #mydubai

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@igersdubai (collaborative account)
This is a collaborative account promoting photo walks for Instagrammers in Dubai.

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